Presidente de Rusia Vladímir Putin respondió a las preguntas de los periodistas al término del Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia-Pacífico

Good afternoon. The APEC summit is about to end. I would like to ask about your assessment of the work with the leaders, and possibly some organisational matters.In line with APEC traditions, a final document has been adopted.

Discurso pronunciado por el Presidente de Rusia Vladímir Putin en el marco del foro anual del Club Internacional de Debates Valdái

Vladimir Putin took part in the final plenary session of the 14th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club titled The World of the Future: Moving Through Conflict to Cooperation.

Reunión del Presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, con la Presidenta de la República de Croacia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

Croatia is an important partner for Russia in Europe and the Balkans. Last May we marked the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Over this period they became truly diverse and mutually beneficial.

Reunión del Presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, con el Presidente de la República de Moldavia Igor Dodon

Vladimir Putin met with President of Moldova Igor Dodon in Sochi. The discussion focused, in particular, on topical issues of Russia-Moldova relations and possible ways of settling the Transnistria conflict.

Discurso del Presidente de Rusia Vladímir Putin en la ceremonia de presentación de las cartas credenciales de embajadores extranjeros

Vladimir Putin received credentials from 20 foreign ambassadors. The ceremony, which symbolises the official start of the ambassadors’ missions in the Russian Federation, took place in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Discurso pronunciado por el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de Rusia, Serguéi Lavrov, durante el 72º período de sesiones de la Asamblea General de la ONU

La soberanía, el rechazo a la intervención en los asuntos internos [de otras naciones], la igualdad de los pueblos y el respeto mutuo: Rusia siempre fue fiel a estos principios a la hora de participar en los asuntos internacionales y seguirá defendiéndolos.

Reunión del Presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, con el Primer Ministro del Líbano, Saad Hariri

Vladimir Putin met at his Bocharov Ruchei residence with Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri to discuss prospects for developing bilateral relations and the situation in the region.

Discurso pronunciado por Presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, en la sesión plenaria del Foro Económico Oriental

The President, in particular, outlined his vision of the prospects for cooperation in the Far East, and Russia's approaches to regional economic integration, and gave an assessment of the most acute challenges and threats in the Asia-Pacific region.

Rueda de prensa del Presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin, al término de la cumbre de los BRICS

Vladimir Putin summed up the results of the BRICS Summit and his talks with foreign leaders on the Summit’s sidelines, and shared his perspective on pressing international issues.

Presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, participó en la cumbre de los lideres de BRICS

The discussion focused on the global economy and global economic management, international and regional conflicts, national security and development issues.

Artículo del Presidente de Rusia Vladímir Putin "BRICS: hacia nuevos horizontes de asociación"

Vladimir Putin’s article BRICS: Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership was published ahead of the BRICS Summit, which will be held in Xiamen, China, on September 4 and 5.